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dansz Pure Water Purifier company, established on 19th August, 2013, is a water purifier manufacturing company which manufactures different types of water purifiers. dansz purifiers uses RO, UV and UF technology which removes approximately all the harmful contents from the water.

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Need of Pure Water

According to experts, "Drinking contaminated water high in chlorine and fluoride leads to Fluorosis, which is a major teeth disease resulting from long-term consumption of water with high fluoride levels and is characterized by dental mottling.

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What is TDS ?

TDS(Total dissolved solids) are the total amount of mobile charged ions,including minerals,salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water. TDS,which is based on conductivity,is expressed in parts per million(ppm) or milligrams per litre(mg/L).TDS includes any conductive inorganic element present other than the pure water molecules( H2O) and suspended solids.

TDS affects everything that consumes,lives in or uses water,from fish and plants to plumbing and laboratories.

For people,the lower the TDS level in the water you drink,the more efficiently your body's cells are hydrated. The higher the TDS level in water,the greater the probability of harmful contaminanants that can pose health risks or hinder the absorption of water.